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Quick Ways to Reuse Your Leftover Pumpkins after Halloween

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Halloween is over! But what to do with leftover pumpkins, that is something which is still on our minds.  Halloween décor has brought some cheerful times to your enthusiasm, so why not keep it maintained by recycling your pumpkins for great use. Not to worry, as here in this blog, the AC repair Dania Beach service has given some beautiful pumpkin recycling ideas for your reference.

Bird Feeder

Wow! Such a wonderful, cute and lovely pumpkin reuse idea this season. Now you must be thinking how to do that? Well! Nothing that difficult, just simply cut the top of the pumpkin to get it into a bowl shape. Make sure to remove twigs or sticks from the sides of the pumpkins to make it easy for the birds to perch. Now use something to hang your feeder and fill with some birdseed.

Transform Pumpkin into a Vase

Now for creating a vase out of a pumpkin, make sure to check the shelf life of it. If it is feasible, then use it to create lovely fall flower vases. Put some sand into it and then arrange your flowers. Or if possible, try some DIY tutorials from Internet to get some ideas of creating beautiful pumpkin vases. These vases will look lovely when kept at the entrance of your home or in a balcony. 

Pumpkin Loaf

And for those who have a sweet tooth should definitely try some pumpkin loaf at home. You can easily bake a pumpkin loaf at home that has all the flavours that will certainly make you enjoy your breakfast. You can even bake a variety of healthy pumpkin loaves of different flavours at home to jazz up your baking skills. Surely your family or friends will be surprised to see you baking such lovely pumpkin loaves.

Fresh Face Mask

If you really want to give a perfect glow to your skin, then trying a pumpkin face mask is a great way to do it. With leftover pumpkins, you can easily make a face mask by blending it to get a puree after scraping out the flesh inside. Add ½ tablespoon of honey and ½ tablespoon of milk. Mix it all, apply on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes to avail the quality effect.  

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