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Halloween isn’t as far as you think. So it’s never too late to start planning your Halloween ideas, which are easy DIYs. While there may be some unique ideas lined up in your head, you can even try out some ideas to transform your home into a haunted one this season. The haunted house ideas will give your neighbours a goose bumps and will give your home a new and scary look in the whole community for Halloween.  

Are you ready to know a few of those ideas? If so, keep on reading the blog in which the HVAC repair Dania Beach service has come up with some unique haunted house ideas.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are always amazing to hang in homes. You can easily DIYs these lanterns to hang on the ceilings, which surely would be loved by all. But use LED bulbs to avoid overheating everything. When you lighten up these lanterns, your home will be lit with light and amazement.

Creepy Candles

Take out the content of your mini pumpkins. And add tea lights inside, then what next? Wondering that? Well! Nothing but use pipe cleaners to make bug legs of the pumpkin. This will make the pumpkins look like crawlers and once you lighten up these spider looking pumpkins and use them as candles. Oh! Amazing they will look, and yes, of course, scary!

Eyeball Balloons

Balloons! Everyone loves it to play with them. You can add this addition to your Halloween celebration this season. Use them for a haunted house look by shopping for eyeball balloons that are cute and at the same time scary. They will be a great addition to your Halloween house eve party.


Skeletons are synonymous with hunted house. So using them is a great way to add a touch of scariness to your home for Halloween. Place them in front or in the backyard or inside to give everyone a scary feeling during the Halloween celebration.

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