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Four Simple Methods to Prevent a Sudden AC Collapse

9 December

No doubt that your air conditioner has the capability of providing the desired temperature in your home for almost 24 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean your machine is invincible. Yes, it might start misbehaving at any time if you keep using your air-conditioning system uninterruptedly throughout the ...

AC Repair Dania Beach

Things to Do Before Restarting an AC After Power Outage

25 November

Air conditioners are always there on the list when talking about complex electronic appliances that we use in our homes. There are multiple parts in an air-conditioning system, which should be kept in a sound condition because any sort of issue with an important part of the machine might lead to a comple ...

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Stop Believing Some Ductless AC System Myths

11 November

Cooling your home is essential in order to stay comfortable. During the warm season life becomes very uncomfortable when there is no cooling machine to keep the home cool. But with the usage of the AC units, there also comes some myths which should not be agreed to. One such system is the ductless air [& ...

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Quick Ways to Reuse Your Leftover Pumpkins after Halloween

2 November

Halloween is over! But what to do with leftover pumpkins, that is something which is still on our minds.  Halloween décor has brought some cheerful times to your enthusiasm, so why not keep it maintained by recycling your pumpkins for great use. Not to worry, as here in this blog, the AC repair Dania B ...