Air Conditioning Blog - Part 6

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Five Simple Changes to Boost Air Conditioner Efficiency

3 June

It can’t be ignored how fast the number of AC users has increased in recent times. Everyone is running behind comfort today, which is the main reason why air conditioners are so popular these days. But the efficiency of air-conditioning systems is still a major concern for many homeowners because cooli ...

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Do We Need to Worry About Increasing Demand for Air Conditioners?

20 May

The scorching heat of mid-year months isn’t a big issue for those having temperature controlling machines in their home. Yes, we’re talking about air-conditioning systems that have made it possible to control the indoor temperature on a single click. We have seen drastic growth in the number of A ...

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Two Significant Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

12 May

In today’s time setting temperature is usually done by thermostat. A programmable thermostat is an advanced model that can help a house owner to set the temperature at several times and events. Not only this, but the programmable thermostat is a smart equipment that offers variety of features that help ...

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Understanding the AC Refrigeration Cycle in Brief

4 May

What if we told you that an air conditioner doesn’t generate cool air at all? Truly, the fact confirms that air-conditioning systems don’t produce cool air, but still, they are used for cooling many places. So, the question is how an air conditioner provides cooling in your home if it doesn&# ...